Professor Willow’s Supporter Card Finally Revealed!

The Professor Willow card we were promised a while ago has now been revealed! It’s yet another Professor’s Research card. It’s promo SWSH178.

You can get the promo now when purchasing Pokemon GO products from the Pokemon Center store. You’ll get one card per item. The promo will also be available through Pokemon Leagues in the future:

Bonus Pokémon TCG Card with Pokémon GO Special Research at the Pokémon Center

The Professor’s Research card featuring Professor Willow comes as a gift with purchases and includes a code for Special Research.

The only thing better than a bonus Pokémon TCG card is a card that includes access to Special Research in Pokémon GO! Trainers who purchase Pokémon GO products at the Pokémon Center—including the Pokémon GO Fest 2021 T-shirt—will receive a special Professor’s Research card with each product purchased.

This card features the esteemed Professor Willow and includes a code that can be used at Niantic’s Offer Redemption website to access Special Research beginning in July. The card is available through the Pokémon Center only while supplies last, so don’t let other Trainers beat you to the punch!

The Pokémon Center won’t be the only place to add this special card to your Pokémon TCG collection. Starting soon, Trainers who complete research in Pokémon GO and tasks at Pokémon League events will also receive Professor Willow’s card while supplies last. Keep an eye out for future announcements about Professor Willow’s card giveaway. Pokémon League events are still paused, so check back for more information about when they will resume.