Beautiful Hobby Store Freebies for ‘Chilling Reign’ Revealed!

We now have photos of the items that come in the Chilling Reign marketing kit! We first revealed a preliminary image two months ago.

Hobby stores can order these “marketing kits” for each set. They contain freebies to give out to fans and advertisements for the stores to display. Be sure to check with your local hobby store to see if they ordered it!

For fans, the kit comes with 25 stickers of each Galarian Bird (75 total). The stickers are metallic with silver borders. Pretty cool!

The kit also includes a pack of 50 posters. They’re fold-out posters that use the booster pack artwork of the three Galarian Birds, meaning all three are on the same poster. Each poster is wide at 27″ by 12″.

Each hobby store will distribute these items to customers according to their own rules. Most stores give them out when you buy Pokemon TCG merchandise or play in Pokemon events.

The kit of course comes with marketing materials for the stores to advertise the Pokemon TCG. The first is a giant lenticular card of Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX and Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX. As you move, it changes from one card to another. It’s 17.25″x24″. It has two holes at the top to hang it up. The back features the Chilling Reign set logo.


The second is a set of 25th anniversary window clings featuring each generation of Starter Pokemon. They are 14″ in diameter.


The third is a metallic counter sign featuring the Chilling Reign logo and booster pack images. It’s 8.5″x11″.

Each item comes with hardware to hang them up or prop them up.

While TPCi’s instructions don’t prohibit stores from giving these items to customers, most stores are ordering these kits so they can advertise the TCG. So these items aren’t intended for fans. For example, the eight window clings are to advertise the 25th anniversary through 2021. But perhaps a store might give away the Chilling Reign items once Evolving Skies comes out. Or, more likely, keep them. Or give them to their employees. Or use them for their future tournaments.

Since these marketing kits are free for hobby stores to order, TPCi dictates that the items can’t be resold to anyone. Stores can only order these kits if they order a certain number of Pokemon TCG products or host tournaments.

Earlier this week we revealed the preliminary image of the Evolving Skies marketing kit.

A huge thanks goes to Professor Joel of Jump City Comics for sending me the media for this news story! (And Professor Chime for sending some additional photos!)