‘Chilling Reign’ Marketing Kit for Stores Revealed — Cool Freebies for Customers!

The Chilling Reign marketing kit has been revealed! Hobby stores can order them from TPCi and Ultra PRO to promote the Pokemon TCG.

This time around, customers will be able to walk away with a paper poster featuring the three Galarian Birds or individual foil stickers featuring one of them. It will be up to each store to determine how to distribute the items.

Stores will receive several signs to advertise the TCG. This includes a sign featuring Ice Rider and Shadow Rider Calyrex, a sign for the counter featuring the set’s booster box art, and a set of eight window clings to celebrate each generation of Starter Pokemon.

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  1. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    Well, hopefully I can get my hands on that poster it is LOVELY.
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  2. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Man, this is unfair. We finally get to see Ice Caly and Ghost Caly in English but they're as pixelize as heck. At least we know that the first atk name of Ice Caly is "Ride of the High King" and ability name of Ghost Caly is "Underworld Gate", which is seems fitting to the initial translation on Pokebeach
  3. Charmaster:) The Cube Master, Charmander fan, & Lapras rider.


    I hope you all have your extended editions of “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” ready.
    Or, that failing, that you at least own a copy of the actual book?
    What does that have to do with Ice Rider Calyrex? Everything. What does that have to do with Pokémon in general? Absolutely nothing. :)
  4. Bongooo Eternatus VMAX is Mega Rayquaza's goth phase