Hobby Stores to Give Out Exciting Eeeveelution Goodies for ‘Evolving Skies!’

Every time a new TCG set is released, TPCi sends a “marketing kit” to hobby stores containing advertisements, freebies to give out to players, and even promo cards on occasion.

For Evolving Skies, hobby stores will receive 90 Eeveelution stickers, 50 wall posters that are 18″x24″, and 25 lanyards containing a lenticular character card. Hobby stores usually give these items to players who buy Pokemon TCG items or play in Pokemon events. It’s at their discretion.

It seems the lenticular card will feature Ken Sugimori artwork of the Eeveelutions. It probably won’t be like the lenticular Deoxys card released in 2004, which featured actual images of cards:

Images for these marketing kits sometimes use placeholder images, so we won’t know for sure what the items look like until the kits arrive.

The marketing kit will also include a 2’x3′ Eeveelution window cling and a 17.25″x24″ lenticular card sign. Hobby stores will probably keep these two items to hang in their windows. It seems the lenticular sign will feature card images — so it may be like a jumbo lenticular card!

All of the kit’s items are prohibited from being resold by stores. It’s also up to the hobby stores to order a kit. They aren’t automatically sent.

Evolving Skies will release on August 27th.