‘Shiny Star V’ Officially Revealed, Contains 127 Shiny Pokemon!

Creatures has just revealed Shiny Star V at Japan’s Yokohama Regionals! The booster pack features shiny Charizard, Toxtricity, Centiskorch, Dragapult, Ditto, Lapras, and Boltund.


As posted before, the set will contain 190 cards before secret rares and will feature shiny reprints. It’s now been revealed there will be 127 shiny Pokemon as secret rare cards… meaning the set will have over 300 total cards! Shiny Charizard VMAX was revealed as card #308/190. Shiny Decidueye (#202/190) and Oranguru (#297/190) were also revealed. (The shiny Charizard V from our Champion’s Path will obviously be in this set too.)

The main portion of the set will include the following reprinted cards. This includes cards that were previously exclusive to the English TCG, like our Zacian V promo and alternate art Eldegoss V from Champion’s Path:

The set will also feature a new type of reverse holo design for Japan:

As posted before, Shiny Star V will release on November 20th. Each booster pack will come with a guaranteed Pokemon V or VMAX. The set will mostly contain reprints. It will also feature some new Pokemon V and Supporter cards. Judging by the booster pack, Ditto V will be one of the new cards.

The cards from this set could become part of our special set in February or a potential holiday set in 2021 or 2022.

This is the 422nd Charizard card this year…

Update: The “Nessa Set” releasing alongside Shiny Star V has also been revealed! It will contain two booster boxes of Shiny Star V, a deck box, a pack of card sleeves, a coin, and a card storage box — all featuring Nessa!