Incineroar V, Gardevoir VMAX, Lucario V, Galarian Obstagoon from ‘Champion’s Path!’

TPCi has revealed the first English cards from Champion’s Path!

As we already knew, our Champion’s Path set will be a “mishmash” of cut and unreleased cards. Incineroar V and Lucario V come from Japan’s V Starter Decks, Gardevoir V and VMAX are originally from Japan’s Eruption Walker set, and Galarian Obstagoon is originally from Infinity Zone. Champion’s Path will also contain cards from Legendary Heartbeat, like Alcremie VMAX. That’s at least four different sources!

The first Champion’s Path products will begin to release on September 25th. You can see all revealed products here. The set’s booster packs will only be available within promo boxes, like our previous holiday sets. They will not be sold individually.