First ‘Ultra Premium Collection’ Details, A Whopping 16 Booster Packs!

We’ve received the first details for the “Ultra Premium Collection” we announced the other day. The collection is listed in association with Vivid Voltage, our fourth Sword & Shield set.

The product will include a whopping 16 booster packs, two promo cards, two sets of dice, two coins, two sets of sleeves, a player’s guide, a rule booklet, condition markers, and a PTCGO code card. It basically doubles everything that comes in an Elite Trainer Box, but also has two promos.

Why is Pokemon releasing this? We have no idea yet! Once we find out the identity of the promos, that should tell us what this collection is promoting. It’s even more interesting when you consider this is listed as a Vivid Voltage product — what does that say about the set?

The collection will cost around $80. It will release on November 13th, the same day as all of Vivid Voltage‘s products.

We also announced a Vivid Voltage “Elite Trainer Box Plus” the other day. We haven’t received additional details about it yet. However, we can now confirm a regular Elite Trainer Box is still releasing with the set, meaning the former isn’t replacing the latter. We’ll have to see if every set gets a “Plus” box in the future or if it’s just Vivid Voltage getting this treatment.

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  1. Snowy Lilacs Aspiring Trainer
    Snowy Lilacs


    I wonder if we will be getting the Amazing Rares in this set?
  2. Tytus Expanded Best Format


    Ah yes more products for TPCI to make their money off of. What is funny is that they keep releasing this stuff even though no in person tournaments are happening. This will have a direct correlation to the market as people won't buy as much therefor leading to over stock.
  3. snoopy369 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Don't forget that as much as these help Pokémon's bottom line, they're helping LGS's bottom lines even more in many cases. Not all - some will end up overstocking - but for a lot of LGSs, this is how they bring people into the store right now when they can't have games going.
  4. AshCo The Proverbial Grumpy Old Man


    Sad for me that it’s Probably not anything to do with the Tag Teams if it’s only two promos. Probably just more thrown-together V promos that barely have anything to do with each other. 16 packs sounds nice and the two sets of sleeves, but I’m skipping this one most likely, I’d rather just get singles.

    That being said, I’m going to be incredibly disappointed if we don’t get the TT cards we don’t have from Tag All Stars, especially considering they released the FAs from BoXY in 2017. I would have loved if they had made those our special set, but instead we got Champions Path which I have absolutely zero interest in. Oh well.
  5. klonoahype Aspiring Trainer


    Depending if the packs are all Vivid Voltage or a mix, could be that TPCI printed with anticipation of larger amounts of sales in a world without a pandemic, and now need to drop excess packs in these auxiliary products.

    With the over printing of products from the time when Pokemon Go came out, it took years to deal with the excess Evolutions and Steam siege and You can guarantee they'll take action to not allow that to ever happen again. it's the very reason we have the 2-pack from Darkness Ablaze, too many excess packs from poor sales over lock down.
  6. Stu4488 Aspiring Trainer


    I'm thinking its 2 urshifu forms a red colour half the box and a blue colour same on the dice sleeves etc.
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  7. MechaMegaMetagross Aspiring Trainer


    This is probably just me, but I kinda miss when these boxes were real boxes that you could keep to store cards and ETBs. I think the last premium box was shining legends? Hidden Fates was cardboard, but it was hidden fates and included awesome promos so I still got it haha.
    The BoXY box came out a year after XY was over and we moved on from EX to GX. So if we’re getting the gold tag team gx cards, it’ll probably be a similar product. I still believe we could get that box in the fall as well. I wonder if it’ll be the same price again because I’m not sure if BoXY box sold so well because of its price. I would not complain about a price drop, those promos are cool but the other stuff included does not make it worth it. Then again, The TT GX gold cards would be more popular I feel. But I doubt we would get GX cards in any V set.
  8. Winkachu Aspiring Trainer


    I hope there will be enough stock to at least buy each product once. I still have bad after taste of Hidden Fates were I couldn't buy Hidden Fates Elite Trainer box, both Pokeball promo and Premium collection box with figurine and it was only because it was constantly sold out during the PREORDER time and the stores I buy never could get a restock. Meanwhile, we have scalpers that selling Hidden Fate Elite trainer boxes for 250 Euros while there are many who had no chance to buy it even once. I really, really hope this time there will be enough print run for these products till Black Friday sales.
  9. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    I said this before and I'll say it again. Many stores online and hobby stores, offer pre-orders well ahead of time.

    Hidden Fates was available for preorder months in advance, and some whiners didn't preorder because they thought it wouldn't be good. It wasn't until Pokebeach revealed around close to late night that the Shiny GX cards were indeed in them that many bought out the entire preorders. Those who woke up on the morning to find out the great news, got worse news when everything was sold out.

    I had the chance to preorder many Charizard products during presales, which at the time I thought they wouldn't go up in value enough, until lo and behold, Covid19 caused products to skyrocket in price. Even something like the Tag Team Generations Box (includes promo BraixZard and SnivySaur promos) worth $25 around that time for the box, now the Zard alone goes for $60+ PSA 10.

    I paid for 10 Booster Cases of Darkness Ablaze. Then I heard about the Zard RR not being in it, I reduced my order to 2 cases, got my money back for the other 8, and used that to pre-order only the Charizard ETB for Champion's Path. I'll.leave all the other Champion's Path stuff alone for you all.

    Point is, and I'll say it again, it's first come, first serve. Inform yourself well. It's a survival world out there.

    If it makes you feel better, I never got the chance to buy the Hidden Fates at all. Always sold out everywhere as well. After that, I made sure to preorder first, then wait to see if the set is worth it, and cancel your order to get your money back if it sucks. Win win for all.
  10. Winkachu Aspiring Trainer


    That the thing during early summer when first Preorders was available at Chaos Cards and couple other larger retailers I buy from it was already sold out during the Preorder phase like 2-3 months before the official release date, those preorders were only available for a day or so. The stores weren't even able to do order another stock because there was simply more demand than the offer. And this had nothing to do when people realized how awesome the cards were or how valuable or how Pokebeach revealed it, the fact is for the for a large yearly special set Pokemon company didn't print enough while previous years they did just right on smaller special sets, there was even little bit leftover. And as far I have asked trustworthy retailers that not how their order works from the supplier. They always give larger orders to be delivered so it lasts till December that when sales booming September- December but very often supplier offer to deliver less than the order was placed so it is spread more evenly. Clearly Pokemon Company made an error on their estimates how well the set will do and ordered fewer products to be made.

    Honestly, I just hope there will be a reprint for Hidden Fate ETB, and both ball editions, not sure how I will react on tin reprint those were plenty available. And clearly I not gonna dry my wallet and buy from 3rd part resellers who trying to cash in on their greedy overpriced listings. From all I care, hope they burn.
  11. Raven Zombie Dark/Ghost Trainer
    Raven Zombie


    oh look, my post from yesterday was deleted.... LOL
  12. yungzera Aspiring Trainer


    I can’t wait for more Steam Siege packs!
  13. Solegide Aspiring Trainer


    Are you sure about that? Seems to me that despite the lack of in person tournaments, TCGs have been doing rather well.
  14. johnwick Aspiring Trainer


    Well, many households have more than 1 siblings in the family. TCG's and other things like boardgames are still getting by due to demand to keep people from blowing their brains out.

    Also, I've noticed that after the shutdown, TCPI started releasing decks and products that are Meta Top Tier for decks. It's a way to ensure people buy them and say "Once this pandemic is over, my real life deck will have OP cards."