First ‘Ultra Premium Collection’ Details, A Whopping 16 Booster Packs!

We’ve received the first details for the “Ultra Premium Collection” we announced the other day. The collection is listed in association with Vivid Voltage, our fourth Sword & Shield set.

The product will include a whopping 16 booster packs, two promo cards, two sets of dice, two coins, two sets of sleeves, a player’s guide, a rule booklet, condition markers, and a PTCGO code card. It basically doubles everything that comes in an Elite Trainer Box, but also has two promos.

Why is Pokemon releasing this? We have no idea yet! Once we find out the identity of the promos, that should tell us what this collection is promoting. It’s even more interesting when you consider this is listed as a Vivid Voltage product — what does that say about the set?

The collection will cost around $80. It will release on November 13th, the same day as all of Vivid Voltage‘s products.

We also announced a Vivid Voltage “Elite Trainer Box Plus” the other day. We haven’t received additional details about it yet. However, we can now confirm a regular Elite Trainer Box is still releasing with the set, meaning the former isn’t replacing the latter. We’ll have to see if every set gets a “Plus” box in the future or if it’s just Vivid Voltage getting this treatment.