‘Ultra Premium Box,’ ‘Elite Trainer Box Plus,’ and More in November!

We’ve exclusively learned that an “Ultra Premium Box” will release on November 13th. The preliminary product listing does not link the product to Champion’s Path or Vivid Voltage, nor does its product code match any existing product. It will cost $99.99.

Another pin collection for Champion’s Path will release on November 13th. So far Pokemon announced the main product lineup, but this one has a new product code. So far the pin collections all feature the Galar Gym Leaders and their badges. It will cost $14.99 like the other collections. Update (10 PM): It appears this is just the previously-announced November pin boxes with an incorrect product code.

Releasing on November 13th will be an “Elite Trainer Box Plus” product. It releases the same day as Vivid Voltage, but isn’t specifically associated with the set in its initial listing. It will cost more than a regular Elite Trainer Box and has a price point that doesn’t match any past product (around $60), implying it’s something new. Could it be an upgraded version of an Elite Trainer Box? Who knows!

Fall’s Collector’s Chest tin will release on November 13th. It will come with promos, five booster packs, a coin, two sticker sheets, a mini portfolio, a Pokemon notepad, four pencils, and a PTCGO code card. It will cost $24.99 like past Collector’s Chest tins.

As usual, these are preliminary product listings and are subject to change.

On a related note, both versions of the Marnie Collection will release in at least some European territories on October 23rd. The U.S. will only get the larger and more expensive version with the playmat, while Europe will also get the cheaper one with the jumbo card and poster.