Sorcerer Class — A Look At Dragapult VMAX and the Standard Format

Hello everyone! Last week I discussed a recently dominant deck in the Standard format, Combo Zacian V. My thoughts on that deck hasn’t changed, I consider it to be a top contender for the title of best deck in format so I definitely think that article is worth a read if you haven’t checked it out. In a similar manner, I am going over another strong deck in the Standard format, everyone’s favorite dragon Dragapult VMAX. This deck had some strong finishes in recent online qualifiers, but seems to be getting less attention than some of its competitors. This article will give you some insight as to why this deck has been getting the finishes it has, along with the all of the options and great things it has to offer. Without further ado, let’s start things off with the current best Dragapult VMAX deck list.

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