A Dog and a Mouse — A Look at Two Updated Standard Picks

Greetings, everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed the Pokemon scene picking up the pace a little bit, from more consistent online qualifiers to the PTCGO Player’s Cup. While the setup of the Player’s Cup is not great and something I am unable to participate in due to a severe lack of event tickets, it is nice for something for players to compete for. It makes the Standard format feel a little bit more relevant for sure, and has players competing and preparing similar to if it were a real life event. Recent online events have been a great success as well, with the turnouts being absolutely huge, and strong contenders for the best decks have been solidified in the process. I have been playing around with some of the most popular and best performing decks, along with a personal favorite, so I definitely have some thoughts to share with you all. For starters, I will be going over the potential best deck in format: Combo Zacian V. From there, I will be talking about a deck that is not nearly as dominant: Cinccino Control. With that being said, there should be something for everyone included below, and I won’t delay the start of things any further.

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