‘Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy’ Announced!

We’ve learned of a new TCG product called “Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy.” It will release in America and Europe on July 31st. It will retail for a projected $19.99, though this is subject to change. No other information is currently known.

League Battle Decks” recently replaced Battle Arena Decks. In the same vein, perhaps this new “academy” product could be a replacement for Trainer Kits? We didn’t get one for the Sword & Shield block like we usually do. We’re also getting a new type of product called a “Trainers Toolkit,” which is similar in name to the old Trainer Kits (but completely different). So perhaps they’re replacing the Trainer Kits?

This new product would be double the price of the old Trainer Kits, which were $9.99. The new League Battle Decks will still be similar in price to the old Battle Arena Decks they’re replacing, so this could be an argument against the Trainer Kit replacement idea. Maybe it’s just a new product!

At this point we can only speculate, as Pokemon has not been releasing product descriptions lately. What do you think this new product will be?