‘League Battle Decks’ Product Packaging!

We now have images of the “League Battle Decks” product packaging!

As posted before, two 60-card decks will release. One deck will feature 2x Reshiram and Charizard-GX and 1x Charizard and Braixen-GX while the other will feature 1x Raichu and Alolan Raichu-GX and 2x Pikachu and Zekrom-GX. Thus, each deck will feature three Pokemon-GX.

Each League Battle Deck will also come with a deck box, two acrylic condition markers, an acrylic TAG TEAM GX marker, 6 damage-counter dice, a regular dice, a Pokemon TCG rulebook, and a PTCGO code card.

Each deck will retail for $24.99 and release on May 22nd.

These League Battle Decks seem to be replacing Battle Arena Decks. They’re $5 cheaper but come with dice over paper counters.

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  1. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    Ctrl c ctrl v
  2. Clam Almost decent


    These are kinda lame looking gonna be honest
  3. Poke_collector Aspiring Trainer


  4. PurgeEmoji123 Aspiring Trainer


    I really am not so sure how i feel about this.
  5. TeamBellsprout Aspiring Trainer


    Crossing my fingers that these will bring back the non-holo jirachis, if they do, I might stand a fighting chance at Fort Wayne, as I only have one sleepy boi
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  6. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    While the products themselves seem good, I just wish the packaging wasn't so "Biggerer is betterer!" I get that they want to actually show the three GX's, but how much space does the packaging really need for the rest of the contents? They've been doing this for years...

    Anyway. Trifle over. I'll be interested to see what other cards are included later.


    That's always kinda been one of my gripes with some of Pokemon's TCG products. A lot of their box sets they do have to be AS LARGE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO ATTRACT ATTENTION when most of it is completely unnecessary fluff. I'd prefer they go more like how they do with their ETBs and just pack it without too much extra.

    After looking at this one though, all things considered it isn't horrible in comparison, from what I'm looking at with the contents they might be able to pack everything in a decently compact way given the dice/counters, the manuals, etc. but I hope they shrink down with some of their REALLY unnecessarily large products.
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  8. fleshrum April in Kalos...

    Advanced Member Member

    acrylic gx marker?

    I mean, this is an awesome entry point. Compare to other tcgs, where certain chase cards are intentionally withheld for profit.
  9. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    The funny thing about the large box sets' packaging attracting attention is that most local game stores and even big box stores in my area lay these box sets on its side, thus mitigating the "wow" factor from potential impulse buyers buying this by looking at the front of the product.

    It's as if TPCi doesn't understand that there is something called shelf space or something.
  10. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    That's a skip for me personally, but no doubt there are players that will be stoked on this.

    As for the packaging, one thing I've noticed is that most of it is now recyclable (paper and plastic) since the plastic bits now, for the most part, have a recycle stamp and number on them.
  11. Sparkeagle Aspiring Trainer


    What do you mean $5 cheaper? The last decks were $19.99 before they went out of stock and the Keldeo Vs Rayquaza was around $25 for the combined decks.

    The Kyurem decks were like $30 or so dollars but that was also for the combined decks.

    And even then I think the Blastoise and Charizard ones were also like $25 separately
  12. masqueraingoddess I have a new deck idea everyday


    oh boy i'm excited for another magnezone reprint for the pikarom deck