‘World Down’ and ‘Legendary Heartbeat,’ Japan’s Summer Sets Introducing Amazing Rares!

Two summer sets have been announced for Japan along with new information about Eruption Walker! Thanks goes to Vincent for the translations and out friend @pokexperto for finding the below images![no_toc]

Update: Fixed a translation error. Amazing Rares will feature powerful attacks, but your opponent will only take one Prize card. Thanks goes to GuiaV96 for pointing this out in the comments!

S2a Eruption Walker

The first teaser information has been revealed for Eruption Walker! The set will feature overall support of Fire Pokemon and include VMAX Pokemon that hit for massive damage.

As expected, the set will feature Centiskorch V and Centiskorch VMAX. The latter will be able to Knock Out other VMAX Pokemon with one hit.

The set will include a new Special Energy card that supports Fire Pokemon, similar to the recently revealed Speed Lightning Energy and Horror Psychic Energy.

There will be a new Supporter card that makes it easier for VMAX Pokemon to attack.

As posted before, the set will feature 70 cards and release on April 24th. It should become part of our August set in America.

S3 World Down

As trademark listings previously revealed, Japan’s third main Sword & Shield set will be named World Down. It’ll feature 100 cards and release on June 5th.

The set will feature Eternatus V and Eternatus VMAX, which will be Darkness-type cards. The set will also include Trainer cards to support Eternatus VMAX.

The set will focus on Darkness Pokemon. As with Rebellious Clash and Eruption Walker, it will also include a new Special Energy card to support Darkness Pokemon and its featured Pokemon, Eternatus VMAX.

The set will include a “must have” Pokemon V that every deck will want to use.

The set will likely be combined with Eruption Walker to become part of our August set in America (170 cards).

S3a Legendary Heartbeat

Japan’s mini-set for the summer will be named Legendary Heartbeat. It will feature 76 cards and release on July 10th. This is the same day as the movie Pokemon Koko, meaning this will be a movie-themed set.

The set will feature Celebi, Zacian, Zamazenta, and other Mythical and Legendary Pokemon. It’s likely it will also feature the unrevealed Mythical Pokemon from Pokemon Koko.

The set will introduce a new type of rarity named “Amazing Rare.” Your opponent cannot take a Prize card when Knocking Out an Amazing Rare Pokemon. Amazing Rares will feature powerful attacks, but your opponent will only take one Prize card.

I’m guessing this set could become part of our annual holiday set due to its emphasis on Legendary Pokemon and the new rarity it’s introducing. If not, we’d get it as part of our November set regardless.

V Starter Decks

Like 2018’s popular GX Starter Decks, Japan will be releasing nine “V Starter Decks” on July 10th for 500 yen each.

Each 60-card deck will focus on one of nine types: Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Darkness, Metal, and Colorless (no Fairy or Dragon). Each deck will feature a Pokemon V along with powerful Trainer cards.