New Characters, Revamped Vermilion City Revealed from ‘Pocket Monsters’ Anime!

Two new characters have been revealed from the upcoming Pocket Monsters anime.

Professor Sakuragi is a Pokemon researcher who works at Sakuragi Laboratory in Kanto’s Vermilion City. He supports Ash and Gou while their out on their journeys to different regions. His voice actor will be Yuichi Nakamura, who played N in Best Wishes.

Koharu is a 10-year old girl who goes to school and owns a loving Yamper. She’s Professor Sakuragi’s daughter and has been friends with Gou since they were young. Her voice actress will be Kana Hanazawa.

Sakuragi Laboratory will be the central hub and starting point of Ash and Gou’s adventures to different regions. Pokemon revealed three visuals of Sakuragi Laboratory and one of Vermilion City. The city is much larger than when Ash, Misty, and Brock visited it in season one!