Naganadel & Guzzlord-GX from SM12 ‘Alter Genesis!’

The first card from SM12 Alter Genesis has been revealed — Naganadel & Guzzlord-GX! Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translation!

Naganadel & Guzzlord-GX – Dragon – HP280
Basic Pokemon (TAG TEAM) (Ultra Beast)

Ability: Gluttony
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard a Pokemon from your hand. If you do, heal 60 damage from this Pokemon.

[P][D][C] Jet Pierce: 180 damage.

[C]+ Chaos Order GX: Flip over your Prize cards (they remain face-up for the rest of the game). If this Pokemon has at least 1 extra [P] and 1 extra [D] attached to it (in addition to this attack’s cost), take 2 Prize cards. (You can’t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

When your TAG TEAM is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 3 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fairy (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 3

The card image is blurry, so our translation is based on text provided by the person who sent us the image. We’re not yet sure if it’s accurate.

SM12 Alter Genesis will release on September 6th and feature 95 cards (excluding secret rares). It will likely be the last main Sun & Moon set.

There will also be a High Class Pack 2019 set on October 4th, but it’s expected to mostly contain reprints.

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  1. TheMaskedMeowth Gardevoir-GX is CUTE


    Bruh what? Take 2 prizes for 3 energy? That seems insane??
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  2. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


  3. AshCo I gotta spruce this place up for the GAAAEEEEMS


    Whoa, that art is great. Can't wait to see what else they have in store.
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  4. NicoNoo Meta/budget player


    Takes 2 prizes but uses up your gx attack and leaves a vulnerable tag team gx on field after dealing absolutely no damage.

    You could accomplish the same with any gx attack with moderately high damage output and KOing any GX, yet people will somehow treat this attack as it's so OP?

    May be used as a one-off in Dark Box/Mewtwo box to win the game immediately against tag team matches where you can't deal damage fast enough, to grab 2 prizes instead of 1 against single prize attackers, and to win faster against stall/Unown hand.

    Those are the actual applications for these card.
  5. Matthew the Fairy Lover The Lover of everything Fairy
    Matthew the Fairy Lover


    I'm the same boat as you tbh. Sounds scary on paper. 2 Prizes for 3 energy while being able to practically choose the prizes is insane but those 2 extra energy are specific and you're not removing any threat from your opponent's board. This is like GG End from TinaChomp-GX in a way as you're not damaging anything but you're getting some kind of advantage but I think GG End is better as you are removing a big board and those 2 prizes might not matter if you're just getting sweeped. This card is okay. Let's see what happens when it is released.

    Sorry if anyone saw a previous version of this post. My phone decided to be an idiot and posted it before it was even finished and when it had an auto-correct error in it.
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  6. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Naganadel & Guzzlord TTGX - The ability is alright combined the fact that we have Great Potion and having 280 HP. The main atk is alright. KOs most basic GXs like Blacephalon. The GX atk is feedable the fact that it can use Beast Ring and N's Preparation. Even without Malamar, Naganadel, and Weavile, 1 Beast Ring and 1 energy, instant 2 prizes. Also the main atk can KO Silvally because Beast Energy exists. 4 Geodudes
  7. Grass-Type Farm Owner Aspiring Trainer
    Grass-Type Farm Owner


    Oh, cool. Guzzlord cards are fun, but it's a shame it doesn't have access to Buff Padding.
  8. KK-Swizzle Aspiring Trainer


    280 hp is kind of a big deal with ReshiZek sure to be popular. Ability and gx attack are busted against single prize decks, but it might struggle against things that can OHKO it. Looks like tier 2 to me, will probably see play with Malamar (which will be tier 2 forever and always by the looks of it, lol)
  9. PMJ happy thoughts

    Articles Staff Activities Staff Badges Staff Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    This is much better in Expanded. The Ability is busted - Exeggcute lets you heal 60 every turn for free which means you need to swing for a minimum of 170 damage just to 2HKO this beast and that's assuming you don't do any other healing such as Mixed Herbs or Great Potion which raises the 2HKO damage minimums to GX attack levels. Meanwhile, 180 damage is enough to cleanly 2HKO every Tag Team in the game (fun fact, Reshizard is exactly 2HKOed after a double Mixed Herbs heal) as well as one-shot just about every Basic GX, which by the way is completely unresisted since nothing resists Dragon. GX attack is nothing to write home about but it is a way to end the game, and it's not that bad since you flip all your Prizes first. Toss a Choice Helmet on this thing and watch the damage just melt away.

    You can even go full meme and use the Ludicolo from Detective Pikachu for an additional 30 heal per Ludicolo per turn, lol.

    The hardest part is going to be attaching Energy, but at least you have DDE in Expanded to let you start swinging while you build up a dude on the Bench.
  10. iridoo93 Candy girl


    Was totally unaware that guzzlord was a dragon type I just thought it was dark type
  11. JakeTheGearHeart Aspiring Trainer


    This + Beast Bringer KO on a Tag Team + GX attack = maybe good.
  12. John Wick Aspiring Trainer
    John Wick


    Mitsuhiro Arita back at it with Tag Team artwork. Hell yeh.
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  13. zzzeraora Aspiring Trainer


    I like to make fake pokemon cards on Google's Keep Notes app.
    This is literally one of the GX's I made the other day. Holy shit...
  14. Wechselbalg *****


    The ability is completely irrelevant because the attack is bad so this will most likely only be ever promoted to the active to take the last 2 prize cards.
  15. RHowford Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Seems like Malamar is the obvious partner for this. Discard giratina with ability, yadda yadda yadda
  16. Pokenerd Aspiring Trainer


    I think this will be an attacker in the new Naganadel decks. Easy to just tech in a dark energy or two and beast ring. Might need to play an energy spinner as more decks get way to skip beast ring turns. This thing isna complete tank with great potion and gluttony. Problem is you are already discarding Pokemon with ultra trade... It's also worth noting it's 3 rc cost for next format. I don't see this card getting much play. GX attack that just take prizes are just worse than knocking out an opponent Pokemon for the same amount.
  17. MasterGallade ThePokemonRhombus @ YouTube


    This is cool and all but WHERE'S MY CELESTEELA & KARTANA-GX ;_;
  18. PokeCollector21 Aspiring Trainer


    NOOOOO this mean we dont will get a HO-OH AND LUGIA TTGX!!!! WHY???
  19. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    How about we get some TTGXs without the same tired Legendaries and Ultra Beasts that get used on every chase card and probably already have GX cards alrea--

    *booed off the stage*
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  20. Matthew the Fairy Lover The Lover of everything Fairy
    Matthew the Fairy Lover


    I agree with you. I am still waiting for my Swampert-GX or a Tag Team involving Swampert. We've had a Sceptile-GX and a Blaziken-GX but no Swampert-GX? That is inexcusable.