‘Alter Genesis,’ ‘High Class Pack 2019’ Sets Announced for Japan!

Following its trademark filing in February, we now know the next Japanese set is named Alter Genesis!

It’ll release on September 6th and feature 95 cards (excluding secret rares).

The temporary pack art seems to indicate the set will feature Tag Teams of Dialga & Palkia-GX (likely to be Dragon-type) and Solgaleo & Lunala-GX (likely to be Psychic-type).

Going off the past few generations, Japan will probably introduce the first Sword & Shield set in December. This would mean Alter Genesis would be the last main Sun & Moon set, if history holds true.

Deck boxes and card sleeves featuring Dialga and Palkia will also release on the same day as the set.

It’s also been revealed that Japan will get a large 173-card set on October 4th called High Class Pack 2019.

Each booster pack will come with 11 cards instead of the usual five, including one guaranteed Pokemon-GX and a holo Energy card (likely a reverse holo).

This is almost certainly another “reprint” set like The Best of XY. That set featured a similar number of cards, came with a guaranteed EX or Mega or BREAK, and also came with a guaranteed reverse holo card. Most of that set was straight-up reprints, though there were also some alternate art cards in the mix (which were thrown into our XY Premium Trainer’s Box).

A trademark was discovered back in April for Tag All Stars, which is likely the full name for this set. The full name for The Best of XY was High Class Pack: The Best of XY, so similarly this set is probably named High Class Pack 2019: Tag All Stars.

If so, the full name would imply this set will focus on Tag Team Pokemon. If they stick to the reprint route like with The Best of XY, they would reprint all of them as-is so they’re easy for players to collect in one set. Perhaps we’ll see some new ones as well. Or if they decide to go out with a bang, perhaps we’ll receive alternate art versions, shiny versions, or some other kind of special treatment. We’ll find out soon!