‘XY Premium Trainer’s Kit’ Product and Promo Photos!

The “XY Premium Trainer’s Kit” will be available at hobby stores starting this Friday, October 20th! The kit retails for $100.

The kit will be released in regular stores like Target and Walfart on November 17th.

Thanks goes to our friends at TCA Gaming for these photos!


XY Premium Trainer’s Kit

Metal Pikachu Coin

Xerneas / Yveltal Double Deck Boxes + Container

65 Card Sleeves x2

Two Sets of 7x Red and Blue XY Dice
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The kit also comes with a PTCGO code card, one Primal Clash booster pack, and one Roaring Skies booster pack (not pictured).


[prod ebay=”Shaymin-EX XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Yveltal-EX XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”M Sharpedo-EX XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”M Camerupt-EX XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Jirachi XY Trainer Kit”]  [prod ebay=”Regirock-EX XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Aegislash-EX XY Trainer Kit”]
[prod ebay=”N XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Karen XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Hex Maniac XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Delinquent XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Shauna XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Blacksmith XY Trainer Kit”] [prod ebay=”Team Flare Grunt XY Trainer Kit”]

Jirachi is the first English Pokemon card to feature a gray border, just like a Japanese card! I wonder why TPCi made that decision. As I noted in the last news story, Jirachi is also the only card in this kit that isn’t textured.

Delinquent is numbered 98b because 98a would have been the one in the cancelled Landorus vs. Genesect Battle Arena Deck. Funny that these alternate art reprints are a new “thing” but already have a hole in their numbering.

These cards feature “A” for “alternate” in the bottom right corner of the card because they’re alternate art reprints. They have the same card numbers and set symbols as their original cards. This means they have the same legality as their original prints, so you can’t use Shaymin-EX in Standard play because the original isn’t legal.