Tapu Lele from SM4+!

Tapu Lele will appear in SM4+ GX Battle Boost as an “alternate type reprint,” as I’ll now be calling them. Like Araquanid the other day, this Tapu Lele is a Fairy-type reprint of the Psychic-type one that’s we’ll eventually get in the Tapu Lele Pin Collection.

These “alternate type reprints” also change the types of the attack costs, Weakness, and Resistance to correspond with the card’s new type.

It seems this will be a new trend for the TCG going forward. What other “alternate type reprints” do you think we should get? Will Pokemon-GX get them? Maybe we’ll see a Water-type Golisopod-GX in GX Battle Boost! Not only are they conning collectors with these SM+ sets, but now players too! :p

GX Battle Boost will release in Japan next Friday, but we’ll have card translations and images before then. Be sure to keep checking back!