Araquanid from SM4+!

Well this is interesting…

A new Araquanid will be in SM4+ GX Battle Boost, but it’s the exact same card as the one from Sun & Moon except that it’s a Grass-type (it was previously Water). It has the same HP, Ability, attack name, and attack damage as the old one. Because it’s a different type and could also have a different attack cost and Weakness, it’s considered a different card. It’s not a reprint, it’s a completely “new” card.

This is the first time in the history of the TCG that a new card shares the exact same attacks and Abilities as an older card. Once in a while a Pokemon may reuse an attack from an older card, but the new card’s attack will usually have a different cost or damage. In those rare cases, the card’s other attacks will always be different so that the card is still unique and distinguishable from previous cards. Not in this case, though!

I wonder why Pokemon Card Laboratory decided to do this. Could we see “new” versions of other cards as different types in the future?