SM5+ ‘Ultra Force’ Releasing in January!

Japan’s SM5+ set will be named Ultra Force and will release on January 19th!

The set will contain over 50 cards, excluding secret rares (of which there will be many). Each booster pack will come with five foil cards, including a Basic Energy. Unless you pull a Pokemon-GX, this means the cards will be reverse holo.

It is guaranteed most of the set will contain reprints from SM5 Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Like the SM4+ set we’ve been covering for the past few weeks, new cards will be limited, with some new Pokemon-GX introduced like UB Adhesion (if it’s not in SM5) and full art Trainers.

The booster pack image on the right is a placeholder, hence the “Dummy.”

Depending on product saturation next year, the exclusive cards in this set will be thrown into our spring products or our May set.