‘Cosmic Eclipse’ Set Logo!

We now have an exclusive image of the Cosmic Eclipse set logo!

The logo seems to draw from the original Sun & Moon set logo, probably because this will be the last set of the series.

As posted the other day:

The name of our English SM12 set will be Cosmic Eclipse! It’ll release on November 1st.

The set will feature Tag Team cards of Venusaur & Snivy-GX, Braixen & Charizard-GX, Blastoise & Piplup-GX, Solgaleo & Lunala-GX, and a Tag Team trio of Dialga & Palkia & Arceus-GX (which will also be what the set’s Elite Trainer Box is themed after).

While Dialga and Palkia share the Dragon-type, Arceus is a Normal-type Pokemon. Up until now Tag Team Pokemon have always shared the same type. Perhaps Arceus will appear with its Draco Plate to make it Dragon-type?

The set will feature over 230 cards, including nine new Tag Team Pokemon-GX, seven more regular Pokemon-GX, the first Tag Team Supporter cards, more than 20 Trainer cards, and a new Special Energy card (Draw Energy from Remix Bout).

We already know one Tag Team Supporter will be Red & Blue from Alter Genesis. As posted before, “The Supporter will work like a Tag Team’s GX attack where you have a regular effect and then a stronger secondary effect if additional conditions are met.”

We’d previously reported we’d be getting a Solgaleo & Lunala & Ultra Necrozma-GX in Alter Genesis. That information came from the set’s official sell sheet, so we’re not sure if there was some kind of error or if Alter Genesis will feature two Tag Team trios.

Our English Cosmic Eclipse set will be a combination of cards from Japan’s SM11a Remix Bout, SM11b Dream League, and SM12 Alter Genesis (64 cards + 49 cards + 95 cards before secret rares = 208 cards).

This will likely be our last Sun & Moon set. Japan should get its first Sword & Shield series set in December, which we’ll then get in February 2020.

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  1. Lechu v 2017 Pokemon connoisseur
    Lechu v 2017


  2. Lechu v 2017 Pokemon connoisseur
    Lechu v 2017


    There is no hope for alola now, it will be cleansed with fire soon enough.
  3. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

    Webmaster News Head Activities Head Elite Member Advanced Member Member

  4. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Baby Fairies-Pure meme.
    Dragons will be OP in any Metal/Water decks that come along, although those types aren't great right. Perhaps could see play in future?
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  5. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    I love how they had the opportunity to burn through three Babies at once but they went with two Babies who have been printed since the Babies returned this year and also Togepi who isn't bound by the same rules as the rest of the Babies in the TCG. Instead of say, Mime Jr. and Azurill who cover the same shared type on this card. lol Pokemon gonna Pokemon.
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  6. AngryBokoblin Guzzlord is fun


    You have the new N.
    This is busted.
  7. Ghostrickster Aspiring Trainer


    Why did they make its first attack so bad? The 2nd is good, but no one is ever getting 16 energy on anything, especially Fairy Energy. It doesn't even outright when the game for that price...you still have to KO the active Pokemon during the next turn. It's a shame we got this instead of Ditto & Smeargle (probably), but it's a fun concept nonetheless.

    Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus is actually nuts. If we had more Water and Steel support, it'd be great, but sadly, that's not the case, so I don't see it working. If we get any good acceleration for Water and/or Metal Energy, I could see decks being built around this, and M&M decks incorporating it. The first attack makes Turbo Strike look weak, and this card can be searched by Treasure, unlike Solgaleo. Altered Creation means you can potentially snipe 2 Dedenne with Venom Shot to win the game. Yeah, I really like this card, but we even lost Aqua Patch so I don't think there's a place for it now.
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  8. Graven Eminem TTGX


    >Creation Trio gets Tag Team.

    >Giratina: "Am I a joke to you?"

    Memes aside, the baby TTGX is jank (14+2 energies, wtaf...), and they just removed Arceus' limiter, because that GX+ attack (perma Choice Band plus Prize Accel) is actually stupid.

    I love it. Keep up the good work Ptcgi, you insane f*cks.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  9. Ghostrickster Aspiring Trainer


    Tbh, it's just because those are the 3 iconic Fairy babies, and they're all "puffs". Azurill fits the theme but I imagine it's because it's not as popular and also is blue instead of pink and white. I think they're going for a lot of those kinds of duos and trios for the last set.
  10. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Yes I can interpret that. But it really goes to show how they have no foresight for anything because they could have made those previous Cleffa and Igglybuff cards into some other baby Pokemon instead.
  11. zzzeraora Aspiring Trainer


    I already don't like tag teams, but really? The second Fairy tag team is three babies? Wow, y'all really got your best minds on it, Creatures Inc...

    Let us make the tag teams. Then we'll make actual good ones like Diancie and Mega Mawile, Xerneas and Tapu Lele..you know, actually good Pokemon.
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  12. jamashawalker Ikouze!


    I'm loving that Dialga Palkia Arceus TTGX. That GX is nuts good. And we have N's resolve for energy acceleration. Although we can all tell that there's a pattern when releasing TTGXs. They'll release a pokemon/trainer card that goes along with it to make it better.
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  13. Am I the only one bothered by Arceus not being in the center?
  14. PokeCollector21 Aspiring Trainer


    Ohhhh thanks Pokémon give us joke Tag Team Pokémon where is my Lugia and Ho-oh TTGX
    I think you will make it because the 20th anniversary of Gold/Silver but nooooo we are Pokémon and make random gx cards

    And there are other good Fairy Pokémon you can make with them a Tag Team same with the joke TTGX Slowpoke and Psyduck
    Why not other good water Pokémon?
    And i dont want to start with Charizard.
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  15. Frost Amethyst AMAB-NB


    Because hey sometimes people like other Pokemon than the same handful of Legendaries and Starters. I would have picked some other Babies for this TTGX for representation, but people who like Baby Pokemon just went over a decade without Babies in the TCG at all, so maybe they like the diversity.
  16. Grass-Type Farm Owner Aspiring Trainer
    Grass-Type Farm Owner


    So that leaves Fighting and Metal as the remaining types with only 1 Tag Team. I predict SM12a might have a Fossil Tag Team (Armaldo & Cradily PLEASE), Celesteela & Kartana (& Stakataka?), and 1 good old fashioned regular GX to cap off the GX era.

    I don't mind the babies chosen for this Tag Team, but in retrospect if they wanted to give some love to as many neglected Pokemon as possible the SM10 Cleffa could've easily been Mime Jr. or Azurill and the promo Igglybuff could've been Azurill or Mantyke instead.
  17. Nyora A Cat


    Epic meme time, Creation Trio GX with PRC Excadrill. yeah, it’s epic
  18. xTITAN Training Aspirer


    Well, I guess we're getting fairy acceleration in Cosmic Eclipse.
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  19. xTITAN Training Aspirer


    lmao that sounds so bad. i love it
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  20. ArceusTrainer Arceus Collector


    Finally a new Arceus, AND GX! but I am quite disappointed in that design, they could make it so much better than that.