‘Nintendo Switch Lite’ Announced: Cheaper and Smaller!

The rumors were true! Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo Switch Lite, a cheaper and streamlined alternative to the Nintendo Switch.

It will release on September 20th for $199, or $100 less than the original model. It will be available in three colors at launch: yellow, gray, and turquoise. The cheaper price point should attract more fans to Nintendo.

The focus of the Lite will be on handheld play and portability, like the Gameboy and DS.

The Switch Lite can’t connect to a TV and the Joy-Con controllers are built-in. (If a game needs motion controls, you will have to connect a pair of Joy-Cons separately.) It has a 5.5 inch touch display versus the 6.2 inches of its predecessor. The controls now feature a proper D-Pad on the left side. The unit itself is lighter than the original and has slightly better battery life. There is no kick-stand.

A special edition unit featuring Zacian and Zamazenta will also release on November 8th in North America and Europe.