Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX, Zoroark-GX, and Others in ‘Hidden Fates!’

Some PokeBeach members already suspected this in their SM11 speculative lists, but now it’s confirmed!

Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno-GX will be released in our Hidden Fates set — and not in Unified Minds!

The promotional sheet for Hidden Fates shows Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres in the background. While Articuno and Zapdos both have promo cards that haven’t released in America yet, Moltres doesn’t, so this means their combined presence is referring to their Tag Team card. (Unified Minds will still feature the rest of the cards from Sky Legend.)

Their Tag Team card also wasn’t mentioned in the set description for Unified Minds, which was our initial hint that it wouldn’t be in the set. A Tag Team card featuring three Pokemon would be something the set description would have highlighted, as they always talk about new mechanics or features.

The Pokemon on the product sheet also reference Zoroark-GX, Metagross-GX, Charizard-GX, Rayquaza-GX, and Mewtwo-GX (and by extension Articuno-GX). All of these cards were reprinted in Japan’s GX Ultra Shiny with shiny-colored artwork.

You can see the rest of the secret rares from GX Ultra Shiny here. They will theoretically be featured in our Hidden Fates set or in its associated products as promo cards.

Special products featuring Hidden Fates booster packs will begin releasing August 23rd, starting with the Mew and Mewtwo Pin Collections. This is two weeks after Unified Minds‘s August 2nd release. So even though we won’t get the Legendary Trio in SM11, we’ll still get their cards a few weeks later.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Hidden Fates, like how TPCi will handle the legality of the reprinted Pokemon-GX or how they’ll include all of the set’s Shiny Pokemon. It’s quite the mystery — and they’re having fun keeping it that way — but we’ll find out soon!