‘GX Ultra Shiny’ Coming to America! New Glaceon-GX Tin!

We can announce that a new “Glaceon-GX Tin” will release in America and Europe this fall! There will be other tins releasing with it, but our source has only named Glaceon-GX right now.

The only Glaceon-GX that hasn’t released in English yet is the shiny one from GX Ultra Shiny! This means TPCi will be bringing the set overseas! (Although it was highly unlikely they wouldn’t.) TPCi will likely mark the cards as “A” alternate art cards, meaning they will keep the same set symbol, card number, and legality as the originals.

The placeholder release date for the product is the same as Hidden Fates, meaning the distributors are treating this Glaceon product as part of that line. Because we know Glaceon-GX is from GX Ultra Shiny, we can assume Hidden Fates will be composed of cards from that set.

We’ve also learned that our November set will be SM12, meaning the Sun & Moon block will continue into the fall. This was expected, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

Because the Sun & Moon TCG block will continue into the release of the Sword and Shield games, TPCi will be releasing a Gen 8 “preview” box on November 6th. We don’t know what it will contain yet. Last generation they released an “Alola Collection” in the fall to tie people over until Sun & Moon was released the following February.

Thanks goes to Rass P. for sending us this news!