‘Detective Pikachu’ Mini-Set, ‘Miracle Twins’ Set, and Tag Team Decks Announced!

A new Detective Pikachu mini-set, deck box, and card sleeves will release in Japan on April 26th!

The mini-set will only have 24 cards (excluding secret rares). Each booster pack will come with four cards. All will be holo.

In America and Europe, the cards from the set will be included in various Detective Pikachu TCG products from March through May. This means we will get the cards a full month before Japan!

I wonder if the cards will feature realistic CG illustrations of each Pokemon as depicted in the film?


The next Sun & Moon set has been announced — Miracle Twins! It will release on May 31st in Japan.

The set will include 94 cards, excluding secret rares. Each booster pack will come with five cards.

It will obviously feature a Psychic-type Tag Team of Mewtwo & Mew-GX.

This set is meant to advertise May’s Detective Pikachu movie and July’s Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution movie. I previously reported the Detective Pikachu movie will involve Mewtwo and Mew, as they were both mentioned in a summary of the Japanese comic adaptation of the film.

Tag Teams of Espeon & Deoxys-GX and Umbreon & Darkrai-GX are coming to the TCG!

Individual “Starter Set” decks will release on May 31st featuring one of the aforementioned Tag Team cards, damage counters, a GX marker, a coin, a playmat, and a player’s guide.

A deluxe version will also be released. It will contain both 60-card decks, two holo promo cards (currently unknown), a double deck case, two coins, 34 acrylic damage counters, two GX markers, two sets of Poison and Burn markers, two playmats, and an instruction booklet.

(More Darkrai cards! Stahp!)