More Prototype Pokemon Revealed: Gyarados, Scyther, Omega!

This morning, a TV special aired on Japanese network NHK featuring prerelease Pokemon material. It revealed prototype designs of Scyther, Gyarados, and a mechanical Pokemon named “Omega” that was ultimately scrapped. It also revealed that Cloyster was originally named Shellder:

In May, prototype Red & Green Pokemon sprites were revealed in a manga featuring Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri. This included scrapped designs for Pokemon named “Deer,” “Crocky,” “Cactus,” and “Jag.”

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  1. FacepalmMaster 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9


    Where have I seen that shark before?
    also, the Blastoise in the first pic looks a little off, but I can't tell why
  2. ForeverRanger91 Aspiring Trainer


    It looks like the shark pokemon from the unreleased demo of Gold and Silver. They are different though.
  3. Zero Umbreon Pyromaniacal sorcerer
    Zero Umbreon


    Scyther looks like Dragonite? Pokémon fusions!
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  4. These scrapped Pokemon need to be brought into the storyline as special legendaries called the Forgotten Ones or something like that.
  5. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    I can agree on that.
  6. Later into the TCG, if they still have GXs in the future, Forgotten GX Pokemon can have special GX moves that are extremely powerful, but only come into effect after one turn.
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  7. CF1994 Aspiring Trainer


    That prototype Gyarados looks a lot like an earthworm/leech hybrid.

    Omega reminds me of Aggron with all those armour and spikes.

    Beta Scyther reminds me of Charizard if it was a Bug-type.

    Beta Arcanine looks like some sort of horse dragon. I like my doggos, but a horse dragon would have been epic.

    The final designs are generally the most polished, but it is interesting to look into how it all began. 2018 is the year of the betas, paying homage to the Pokémon that never made it to the final cuts of the classic era.
  8. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    Gyarados looks like a fusion of the asteroid worm and the Sarlaac from Star Wars.

    Scyther looks way too much like a preying mantis, which it's based on; its design we actually got is a million times better.

    Arcanine truly lived up to its name; Windy. Its fur is flying all over the place.

    Omega looks like a hybrid of many Pokemon. Kangaskhan, Tyranitar, Feraligatr, looks cool, but at the same time; it's a little too weird-looking.
  9. Luplayz The Master of bad Pokemon


    I wanana know what the giant Eelektross thingy is called if that isnt Omega.
  10. Nekoban Ryo Schizoid Manchild
    Nekoban Ryo


    I can't tell for sure, but does Tangela's prototype have clawed feet?

    That's the prototype of Gyarados (the Japanese text under its name is the same as Gyarados' Japanese name). I wonder if it was still intended to evolve from Magikarp at this point?
  11. Luplayz The Master of bad Pokemon


    Gyarados definitley looked cooler then, but at least Eelektross is basically the same thing.
  12. Shishigami Aspiring Trainer


    ....The Old Ones. Fingers crossing hopefully one dayPokémon will tap into them.
  13. I wanna stick with Forgotten Ones, but yeah, sure hope pokemon does this in the future.