Four Scrapped Gen I Pokemon Designs Revealed for the First Time!

Four scrapped Pokemon designs from Pokemon Red & Green have been revealed in a manga releasing today in Japan about the life of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri!

James Turner of Game Freak, who designed Pokemon like Golurk and Buzzwole, posted a photo of one of the pages. It reveals some old Pokemon designs and names.

The scrapped Pokemon designs are…

  • #56 Diaa (“Deer”)
  • #62 Kurokki (“Crocky,” as in crocodile)
  • #67 Kakutasu (“Cactus”)
  • #68 Jaggu (As in “jag,” like the jagged spear protruding from its shark head)

The design of “Deer” may have been recycled into Stantler, though it looks more like a moose. And of course we got completely different crocodile, cactus, and shark designs in later games with Krookodile and Feraligatr, Cacnea and Cacturne, and Sharpedo. They probably thought “these designs aren’t good, we can probably turn their base concepts into something better.” And of course they did!

The sprites of the other known Pokemon match their Pokemon Red & Green sprites. Some of the Pokemon have the same Japanese names as they do now, but the names for Farfetch’d, Blastoise, Rhydon, and Spearow are different. The numbers in the upper lefthand corner of each sprite seem to roughly correspond to the Pokemon’s internal index number in the games. While some like Diglett and Venonat have the same index numbers, others like Blastoise and Tangela are transposed.

There are also some unused Pokemon names on the ticket to the left of the image, like “Boo,” but it’s hard to determine if they were scrapped Pokemon or early names for Gen I Pokemon (for example, could “Boo” be Haunter or Gengar?). Some of the names are obvious prototypes.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!

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  1. Really cool to see news like this. Pokémon has such a rich history and I feel like I'm always learning something new. With this headline, I can say I stand by that statement.
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  2. pine_ddog Chaotic Neuteral


    I think good calls overall, would love to have seen them as Pokemon, but they're pretty generic designs overall.
  3. Zero Umbreon Mysterious Presence...
    Zero Umbreon


    “Crocky!” Ha!
  4. pikachuuuu101 Custom Title


    Gen 1 Remakes Confrirmed!??!?!?!?!?!
  5. Lord Goomy Got Goomies?
    Lord Goomy


    Thank you for revealing these!
  6. Zero Umbreon Mysterious Presence...
    Zero Umbreon


    This seems like the perfect reason for me to return to the world of card faking! *Insert Black Panther salute here*
  7. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Fascinating! I love learning little tidbits like this!
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  8. Don Pianta Old man
    Don Pianta


    Gorochu sprite WHEN?
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  9. Nekoban Ryo Fake Card Artist, Moth Freak, Fossil/Shiny-Hunter
    Nekoban Ryo


    I love when this kind of stuff surfaces! I'm so fascinated by the beta stuff.

    Does that crocodile character seem familiar to anyone else? It feels like I've seen something nearly identical elsewhere.
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  10. bunnybird12 Don't be sad- be hoppy!


    I hope this doesn't mean it really will be a Kanto pokemon game for the switch.
  11. Lanstar The Funny Fairy Bug


    Watch for headcanons and fan art to appear everywhere on modernizing these designs. Not that it's a bad thing - this is pretty neat!
  12. Shishigami Aspiring Trainer


    Ooooo James Turner keeping it real.

    At first I thought it would had been the recent Gorochu buzz which I wish every time I think of it that it can still be applied in the future. It looks like it could be my favourite pokémon along with Kadabra, Missingno and ???.
  13. Shishigami Aspiring Trainer


    Ooh that got so annoying to see all over the place when causual fansd couldn't stop raving that message.
  14. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Totally going to draw them :)
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  15. KurowaSan Aspiring Trainer


    So... Blastoise's Japanese name used to be Caravaggio. WTH XD
  16. Holden Sheeks a.k.a. WinterShorts
    Holden Sheeks

    Advanced Member Member

    Huh, I was just playing Pokemon Red on an old game boy walking to work and then saw this.

    The one above Venomat though, looks either screwed up or is high on something.
  17. Hackzo23 Nerd? i prefer the term, intellectual badass


    This may be a bit of a stretch, quite a big stretch actually, but maybe Nintendo releasing all these unused Pokémon (these 4 and gorochu last week) means we may get them in the switch? Maybe not exactly what’s pictured here but an updated version.
    With rumors and leaks of Gen 1 reboot and all these reveals of older Pokémon, seems too much to be a coincidence.
  18. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

    Forum Mod Advanced Member Member

    This is such a cool story; it shows how ambitious they wanted to make the first Pokemon games, but also interesting in the fact these 4 unused, scrapped ideas got new life as Pokemon in later Generations.

    I guess it comes full circle.
  19. fleshrum April in Kalos...


    Fifth ninja turtle? (probably)
  20. Perfect_Shot Standard sucks, so Ban Expanded


    I remember reading on Bulbapedia a while back about all the Gen I Pokemon GF scrapped and either gave new life in a different generation, or just abandoned entirely. Always wanted to know what some of them were, this is cool.