‘Kanto Friends Mini Tins’ Will Not Feature ‘The Scream’ Promos

Last week, I posted there will be five new “Kanto Friends Mini Tins” releasing in America and Europe on March 5th. I stated reasons for why the tins may or may not feature The Scream promos, and we can now confirm they will not.

The tins will instead feature the following artwork:

Each mini tin will come with two booster packs, a metallic Pokemon coin, and “a Pokemon art card showing the art from this Mini Tin — you can collect and combine all five!”

This probably means the “Pokemon art cards” won’t be actual TCG cards, but instead regular cards that simply feature 1/5th of the above artwork. The Pokemon above are not positioned to have card text over them, nor are they positioned to be artwork on a TCG card. For example, you can’t fit that Squirtle and Magikarp together in the art window of a TCG card, nor can you put card text over them without blocking both of them.

Since “The Scream” promos are tied to a specific event and location in Japan, they may never see an international release.

They’ve rightfully been dubbed “The Scream” promos — fans will forever be screaming about wanting them! :p