Five New Promos Based on “The Scream” Painting!

Five new promo cards inspired by Edvard Munch “The Scream” (1893) will be released to celebrate a special Munch exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. The exhibition will take place from October 17th through January 20th.


Each of the cards has a “Scream” attack that makes both Active Pokemon Confused.

Mimikyu will be released on October 27th in the mini album on the right, which will cost 470 yen. You’ll receive your choice of Psyduck, Eevee, or Rowlet at Pokemon Center stores starting November 2nd when you buy two booster packs; you’ll be limited to receiving one promo per day. Pikachu’s release has not been announced yet.

It’s unlikely these cards will ever release outside of  Japan.

Other merchandise based on the artwork will also be sold at the museum, Pokemon Centers, and some stores.

In related news, the “Red’s Pikachu” promo was going to be given out at Pokemon Centers again in mid-October. But due to a shortage, Pokemon has announced they will be postponing the re-release to December so they can give out as many as possible.