Japan’s ‘Tag Team GX Premium Trainer Box’ To Also Include Tapu Lele-GX!

You get a Tapu Lele! Japan gets a Tapu Lele! Everyone gets a Tapu Lele!

We’ve learned that the recently announced “Tag Team GX Premium Trainer Box” will include one copy of Tapu Lele-GX! As posted the other day, it will release in Japan on December 7th, the same day as SM9 Tag Bolt.

The card will be the alternate art version we’re receiving in our Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection on November 2nd.

The Premium Trainer Box will come with 20 booster packs of SM9 Tag Bolt, a deck box, a pack of deck sleeves, a coin, the regular assortment of damage and status markers, and 180 cards — 23 Pokemon (12 unique, including Tapu Lele-GX), 45 Trainers (22 unique), 4 Special Energy (all the same), and 108 basic Energy cards (12 of each type). It’ll cost 5,000 yen, or about $45.