SM9 ‘Tag Volt,’ Japan’s December Set!

The name of Japan’s ninth Sun & Moon set will be Tag Volt! It’ll release in stores on December 7th. As usual, a deck box and card sleeves will also be released alongside the set — SM9’s will feature Pikachu and Zekrom.

As posted before, SM9 will contain 95 cards (excluding secret rares). It’ll be the first set to introduce the new Tag Team Pokemon-GX to the TCG, including Pikachu & Zekrom-GX.

SM9 will likely continue Japan’s “region-themed” sets since Unova hasn’t been featured yet and Zekrom is one of the set’s mascots. One plus one equals three, ya know?

  • SM5 Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, released in December 2017, featured Sinnoh (and Ultra Necrozma to advertise USUM).
  • SM6 Forbidden Light, released in March 2018, featured Kalos and Zygarde.
  • SM7 Charisma of the Wrecked Sky, released in June 2018, featured Hoenn and Rayquaza.
  • SM8 Explosive Impact, released in September 2018, featured Johto and Lugia.
  • This just leaves Unova and Kanto.

Tag Volt will be part of America’s SM9 set next February along with October’s Dark Order, any new cards from November’s GX Ultra Shiny, and likely November’s Eeveelution decks. Our SM9 set will have 181 cards.

Also releasing in Japan on December 7th is a new “Tag Team GX Premium Trainer’s Box.”

It will come with 20 booster packs of SM9 Tag Volt, the set’s above deck box, the set’s above deck sleeves, a coin, a GX marker, damage counters, Status Condition markers, and 180 cards — 23 Pokemon (12 unique), 45 Trainers (22 unique), 4 Special Energy (all the same one), and 108 basic Energy cards (12 of each type).

It’ll cost 5,000 yen, or about $45.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!