Gamestop Groudon Promo, ‘Trade & Play’ Events Now Held at Gamestop with New Freebies!

To celebrate the upcoming release of Celestial Storm as well as the upcoming Kyogre and Groudon video game distributions, those who purchase $25 of Pokemon TCG product from Gamestop will receive a Groudon promo featuring a holo “Legendary Pokemon” stamp.

Some stores already have the promo, but the giveaway won’t officially start until next week.

Gamestop held promotions for the last two sets as well, giving out Heatran and Zygarde promos.

In bigger news, according to internal company documents, it appears Gamestop will be taking up the torchic from Toys R Us and holding Pokemon Trade & Play events from now on. Toys R Us held the events for the past few years when new sets were released, but officially shut down in the United States in June after the company declared bankruptcy.

The first Trade & Play event will apparently take place after Celestial Storm hits store shelves. Internal product documentation shows that around the same time as the event, Gamestop stores will be receiving Kyogre and Groudon pins and Pokemon lanyards. Apparently, they will be freebies at the event. Documentation also shows Gamestop will be receiving promotional Dialga and Palkia pins at a later date, though for what purpose we’re unsure. Gamestop and TPCi have been partnering together more in the past year to promote the Pokemon TCG as part of Gamestop’s new corporate strategy to target the collectibles market.

A huge thanks goes to Jeff S. for this news!

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