SM7 ‘Celestial Storm’ Revealed!

We can now reveal the name of our SM7 set will be Celestial Storm!

It’ll feature more than 160 cards and hit store shelves on August 3rd.

The set will feature Rayquaza-GX and Stakataka-GX from Japan’s upcoming SM7 Charisma of the Wrecked Sky (96+ cards) as well as Articuno-GX, Blaziken-GX, and Scizor-GX from SM6b Champion Road (66+ cards). Salamence-GX should also be included.

Latios, Latias, and Jirachi are confirmed for the set and presumably originate from Japan’s SM7, as it’s a Hoenn-themed set.

Celestial Storm will include 11 Pokemon-GX, three Ultra Beasts, new Prism Star cards, 27 Trainer cards, and Rainbow Energy.

Nature’s Wrath in Full Fury!

Watch out for the vortex! It’s a season of furious emerald storms and a sky alive with portents, as Pokémon and creatures from Ultra Space clash. Some ride the storm, and others defy it. Face the winds of change head-on in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Celestial Storm expansion!

As posted in previous news stories for Japan’s Champion Road, the set is going to include “remakes” of cards from the EX Ruby & Sapphire era. Articuno-GX and Salamence-GX are already confirmed to be remakes, so Blaziken-GX (Blaziken ex), Scizor-GX (Scizor ex), and the other Pokemon-GX should follow.

Champion Road will also likely include remakes of Mr. Mime ex, Banette ex, Feraligatr ex, and Electrode ex judging by the set’s booster pack artwork. These would then be included in our Celestial Storm set.

As with the cards from Evolutions, Champion Road is also going to reprint EX-era cards like Ludicolo and Lanturn with the same artwork but with updated attacks (we’re expecting Dunsparce too!). However, the Celestial Storm set description doesn’t make reference to this fact. This is probably because a casual fan has no attachment to the cards from the EX era and so it’s not an alluring marketing point.

As for SM6a Dragon Storm, it’ll either be included in our November set or released as a special holiday set through various products (like 2016’s Generations and 2017’s Shining Legends).