‘Champion Road’ Booster Box Reveals More EX-Era Reprints!

The booster box for SM6b Champion Road has been released, revealing that the set will contain reprinted illustrations for three EX Ruby & Sapphire era cards: Ludicolo from EX Deoxys, Lanturn from EX Hidden Legends, and Sableye from EX Crystal Guardians!

If they’re anything like Articuno-GX and Salamence-GX, or the cards from Evolutions, they’ll be spiritual reprints that have different stats and attacks than the original cards but similar effects.

As predicted, this set is a callback to the EX days from 2003 to 2006. If you were playing in tournaments for the card game when Pokemon USA took over after Wizards of the Coast, this set should be very nostalgic for you! It is for me! It’s also when PokeBeach was still young and I was only 14. <3

Champion Road will release in Japan on May 3rd and will contain at least 66 cards. It’s unknown when we’ll get the set in English, although it could be mixed into our August set. Our August set will feature Rayquaza and Generation III Pokemon.

What other notable EX era cards do you think they’ll bring back? The booster box hints at a lot of them. Dunsparce from EX Sandstorm, anyone? Blaziken ex? Mr. Mime ex? Banette ex? Scizor ex? Feraligatr ex? Electrode ex?