‘Fairy Rise’ Announced!

We can confirm Japan will be getting a new mini-set named Fairy Rise on August 3rd!

The set will contain 50+ cards focusing on Fairy, Grass, and Psychic-types. This is in the same way that SM6a Dragon Storm also contains 50+ cards focusing on Dragon, Fire, and Water-type Pokemon.

Charisma of the Wrecked Sky is Japan’s main SM7 set and will release on June 1st. Its mascot is Rayquaza.

Which Fairy-types do we need to get in this set, and will Fairy-types get a major boost? The set name is implying the Fairies will rise, after all! This set is obviously a response to Dragon Storm.

Correction: SM7a and Fairy Rise are actually two different sets, meaning there is another mini-set coming out this summer! SM7a will be released on July 6th and contain 60+ cards. We don’t currently know anything about it beyond that. Fairy Rise (SM7b?) is releasing on August 3rd, as described above. We should hear more about the two sets this week, so stay tuned!