Pokemon Theme Park Coming to Universal Studios!

I can’t believe I randomly stumbled upon this! According to a local ABC station in Florida, several sources within Universal Studios have leaked that Pokemon attractions will be coming to its Orlando theme park in 2020!

The Pokemon themed portion will be added to the KidZone section of Universal. While originally Universal was going to use this section of the park for upcoming Nintendo attractions, those will now be moving to a different plot of land across the street.

Like the Harry Potter section, the Pokemon section will be designed in Orlando and may then make its way to other Universal locations. As reported last year, Nintendo attractions will be added to Universal in Japan and California by 2023, so Pokemon may follow suit.

News of the Pokemon section is currently a secret, as it’s still in the planning stages; more information likely won’t be revealed for a while.

Japan has experimented with Pokemon theme parks in the past. In 2005, a “PokePark” opened in Nagoya that featured roller coasters and interactive games. It was a temporary park only open from March to September of that year. The plot of land at Universal will be smaller than PokePark’s:

The Pokemon Company has been loosening ties on its franchise in recent years. This is likely part of their plan to give Pokemon a larger public presence, as with the Detective Pikachu movie and Pokemon GO‘s release. For its part, Universal is trying harder to compete with Disney parks.