Pokemon Amusement Park, Pokemon Advance Episodes, New COTW
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Tuesday – April 27th, 2004

»New Pokemon Amusement Park: A Pokemon amusement park has been scheduled to be finished in Nagoya, Japan by 2005. No further information has been released to what kind of rides will be at the theme park or to any thing else related to it, but I am hoping the theme park is based off the Island of the Giant Pokemon episode. To read a little more about the theme park, [click here].

»New Pokemon Advance Episodes on VHS and DVD: On July 20th, two volumes of Pokemon Advanced will be released on DVD and VHS. The first VHS will contain the episodes Get the Show on the Road, A Ruin with a View, and There’s No Place like Hoenn, while the counterpart DVD will have the next two episodes of Hoenn (which will not be in the VHS). The second VHS will have the episodes A Poached Ego, Tree’s A Crowd, and A Tail with a Twist, along with two more episodes as with the first one. So in other words, if you were to buy both VHS versions, you would be missing four episodes of the series. The only way to get all of the episodes would be to purchase the DVDs. The VHS tapes will cost $9.98 and the DVDs will cost $14.98. The two pictures on the right are of the covers, which you can click for larger versions.

»New COTW: SuperWooper has written this week’s COTW. What does he take a look at? Well, if you want to know a good way of killing Rayquaza ex or any other colorless Pokemon, you can visit our COTW section by [clicking here] to read his article.