Deoxys Mania!

Deoxys Mania!
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Wednesday – April 28th, 2004

»New Japanese TCG Set: Thanks to DomNedved from the PokeGym, we now know of a new TCG set that will be coming out after EX Flight of the Legends in Japan. The set will be called End of the Blue Sky, and will have cards in the set such as Deoxys and a non-ex Rayquaza. Incase you are confused on the sets and their orders, here is a little rundown on future American and Japanese TCG sets:

EX Hidden Legends is the next set that will come out in America at the beginning of June. The next set, which is only out in Japanese right now that was just released, is called EX Flight of the Legends, and features Pokemon such as Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur ex. The set after that in Japan is the one I mentioned above, called End of the Blue Sky, which will probably come out in July in Japan after the Deoxys movie is released. I hope this clears up everything incase you are confused.

»Capture Deoxys in FR/LG: In Japan, if you go to see the Deoxys movie called Visitor of the Space Fissure, you will receive an opportunity to capture a Deoxys in Fire Red and Leaf Green. In the games, Deoxys is located on one of nine secret islands located near Cinnabar Island, which is where you get to battle it. When you buy the tickets, you probably will get some sort of e-card that will allow you to receive a ticket in the game, similar to the EON ticket, that will allow you to travel to the secret island if you scan it.

»Pokemon Space Party: has released in article on a Pokemon Space Party that will be held at the Houston, Texas Space Center from May 29th to June 6th. According to the article, there will be special events, music, videos, and fun. I will bet anyone a million dollars that they will tell people how to capture Deoxys in the future or will tell people about Deoxys as with what Nintendo did with Jirachi. To read the article, [click here].