Blastoise Animation Error

Blastoise Animation Error
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Thursday – April 29th, 2004

Elite Trainer Raven has pointed out an interesting mistake the Japanese animators made recently and has provided us with pictures. As you may have seen from a previous news story where I made a screenshot page on the new introduction in Japan for Pokemon episodes, there was a Blastoise in it. Apparently, in the first two episodes that had the introduction, Blastoise had a blue jaw instead of a yellow one as seen here:

In the third episode that recently aired, they fixed the color of the jaw:

Weird, huh? But this isn’t the first time the animators have messed up on my favorite Pokemon. Check out his jaw in this Gary episode:

Now look here at a scene where they zoom out. The color of his jaw is fixed.

Yeah, well, I find this kind of stuff interesting. Hopefully, there will be more news tomorrow.