‘Treasure Chest’ Featuring Magearna, Volcanion, and Mega Gengar Now Out!

  Magearna Volcanion Collector Chest FrontMagearna Volcanion Collector ChestMagearna Volcanion Collector Chest PromosMagearna Volcanion Collector Chest Contents

The new Pokemon TCG “Treasure Chest” we announced a few months ago is now out in stores! It costs $29.99 and comes with…

  • Holo promos Volcanion (XY164), Magearna (XY165), and M Gengar-EX (XY166)
  • Five booster packs
  • A Mega Gengar coin
  • Two sticker sheets
  • A mini-album
  • A notebook
  • Pencils
  • A PTCGO code card

Shiny M Gengar-EX was originally forever ago in September 2014. Magearna and Volcanion both come from CP5.

Magearna’s Pokedex number has been omitted from the card since they don’t want to spoil how many Pokemon will be in Gen 7.

Thanks goes to PokeDan23 for the photos!