All ‘Evolutions’ Cards! has posted high definition images of all of the cards in Evolutions, as you can see below!

They have also created a special ’90s themed Pokemon website for Evolutions. They totally got that idea from us — when PokeBeach goes down you get to see a ’90s version of the site with a guestbook and everything! :p

Fun fact: This is the first time since 1996 we’re seeing the actual backgrounds of some of Base Set‘s holo cards (such as Magneton). Normally the cards are printed on holo paper and the backgrounds can’t really be seen. The only time we could have ever seen the backgrounds of some of the card artwork would have been when some of them were released as reverse holos in Legendary Collection (when the background of the card’s artwork wasn’t holo) or when the card images were shown in official Wizards of the Coast guides.