Magearna-EX, Volcanion-EX, Pikachu-EX from ‘Battle Heart Tins’

  Xy173 Volcanion ExXy174 Pikachu ExXy175 Magearna Ex
Volcanion EX Battle Heart TinPikachu EX Battle Heart TinMagearna EX Battle Heart Tin

As posted a few months ago, this fall’s “Battle Heart Tins” will feature Volcanion-EX (XY173), Pikachu-EX (XY174), and Magearna-EX (XY175). Pikachu is brand new while Volcanion and Magearna are alternate art reprints from Steam Siege.

We originally reported the tins would be released in stores around October 12th, but has listed on their website that the tins were released last week. They may be out at some stores, but not many people have seem them yet, so they probably won’t see a general release for a few more weeks.