More 20th Anniversary Promos Revealed!

Japan’s 20th Anniversary Festa events will take place in Japan this October to celebrate 20 years of the Pokemon TCG! Those who attend will receive a full art Pikachu promo, which has been reprinted a couple of times with different artwork.

Pikachu Promo

The events will also host tournaments. Each player will receive one of nine basic holo Energy using the classic era design.

Basic Holo Classic Energy

If you play at the events, you’ll also accumulate points that you can exchange for various promos.

The “Gym Badge” promos are reprints of the Hoenn ones released in 2015, but feature the Kanto Gym Leaders and a classic era template.

Mewtwo-EX is an alternate art reprint of the Mewtwo-EX from BREAKthrough, which will be included in our “Pokemon Super Premium Collection: Mew and Mewtwo” box this October. The shiny Magikarp was released at Target earlier this year in America. Pikachu is an alternate art reprint of the Pikachu from XY while Mew is an alternate reprint of the Mew from the 20th Anniversary Mew Pin Box.

Gym Leader Trainers

The events will have stores where you can buy card sleeves that feature the booster pack artwork from the Japanese Jungle, Fossil, and Team Rocket booster packs.

Jungle SleevesFossil Sleeves Team Rocket Sleeves

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