Machop and Pokedex Revealed for CP6!

The official Pokemon Card website has been revealed remakes of Base Set‘s Machop and Pokedex for the upcoming 20th Anniversary Set. Compare their translations to the original English cards to see the difference!

Machop 20Machop Base SetMachop – Fighting – HP70
Basic Pokemon

[F][F] Double Chop: 20x damage. Flip 2 coins. This attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Pokedex 20 Pokedex Base SetPokedex – Trainer

Look at the top 5 cards of your deck and put them back on top of your deck in any order.

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).