New Salamence-EX Promo in ‘CoroCoro Ichiban!’

A new Salamence-EX promo will be included in the September issue of CoroCoro Ichiban. Thanks goes to Vincent for the translation!

Salamence EX CoroCoro Ichiban PromoSalamence-EX – Dragon – HP180
Basic Pokemon

[R][C][C] Beast Fang: 10+ damage. This attack does 50 more damage for each Pokemon-EX your opponent has in play. (Update: Translation fixed.)

[R][W][C][C] Dragon Strike: 130 damage. This Pokemon can’t use Dragon Strike during your next turn.

When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fairy (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 2

As posted before, M Salamence-EX and Salamence Spirit Link will be given out during CoroCoro Ichiban‘s Mega Salamence tournaments that will take place sometime in Japan later this year.