Backtracking: ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ Trademarks Were Correct, Who’s Marshadow?

Starters Sun MoonAs officially revealed this morning, Sun and Moon‘s Starter Pokemon are named Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio in English. As also officially revealed this morning, their Japanese names are Mokuroh (wood + owl), Nyabby (meow + fire), and Ashimari (sea lion + ball).

Back on April 19th, potential Pokemon names were discovered in Japanese trademark databases for Solgaleo, Lunaala, Mokuroh, Nyabby, Ashimari, Marshadow, and Gigareki. This means at least some of the trademarks were legitimate, as they spelled the Starters’ names perfectly.

Since we now know Sun and Moon‘s Legendary mascots are a lion and… moon bat thing… we can probably assume Solgaleo (Latin: sun + Galileo + lion) and Lunaala (Latin: moon + wing) are official trademarks as well. Unless TPCi plans to change their names in America, which is almost never the case with mascot Legendaries, we’re probably looking at their final English names.

Which leaves us with Marshadow and Gigareki. Could Marshadow be the third member of the Legendary trio, especially since eclipses involve shadows? “Gigareki” is the only trademark of the bunch that was filed in a different manner than the others (with no accompanying image to spell its name), which means it’s possibly a Pokemon term or mechanic rather than a Pokemon’s name. Either way, the chance of these two trademarks being legitimate are nearly confirmed now that the other trademarks were correct.

Strange SouvenirSo who do you think Marshadow is?

We also still don’t know which Pokemon the Strange Souvenir refers to…