‘Red & Blue Collection: Charizard-EX’ Photos!

The “Red & Blue Collection: Charizard-EX” will officially hit store shelves next Wednesday, March 16th, but you will surely be able to find it at some stores before then! The box retails for $24.99.

As I reported a while ago, the American version comes with a Charizard-EX promo, a Charizard figure, four Generations booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. The European version has the same items, but swaps out the figure for a jumbo Charizard-EX.

Thanks goes to The Charizard Authority for the photos below – be sure to check out his box opening!

Three more “Red & Blue Collections” will be released later this year for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary.

Charizard EX Red Blue Collection AmericanCharizard EX Collection XY121 Charizard EX Charizard Figure
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