‘Pokekyun Collection’ Booster Pack Image, ‘BREAK Starter Pack’ Officially Revealed

Pokekyun CollectionAs I reported in October, a new mini-set called Pokekyun Collection will be released in Japan on January 29th. The official Pokemon Card site just revealed the booster pack design a few minutes ago, as you can see to the right.

The mini-set will feature 32 cards, including Pikachu, Charmander, Altaria, Dedenne, Sylveon, Espurr, Gardevoir, Flareon, Jirachi, Floette, Gulpin, Fletchling and Diancie – all “cutesy” Pokemon. The name “Pokekyun” is a combination of “Pokemon” and “kyun,” which means to be choked up with emotion, a heart-wringing sensation, or the tightening of one’s chest. So you could call it the “Pokemon So Cute You Could Die” mini-set.

All 32 cards will be holo like Shiny Collection. Each booster pack will contain four holo cards and will cost 186 yen.

The official site also finally revealed the BREAK Starter Pack and classic Pokemon TCG card sleeves I also posted about back in October, which will be released in Japan on February 27th. As I stated in that news story:

Break Starter PackThe BREAK Starter Pack will come with 60 random cards, a coin, damage counters, Special Condition markers, and a rule book. The ad says it will be a “Random Deck.”

Surprisingly, the product packaging is exactly the same as the original Japanese “Starter Pack” that was released alongside Base Set in October 1996. That starter pack also came with 60 random cards. The ad even says “Look at this nostalgic design!” So this new pack is obviously a throwback to the original one.

This product is obviously being released since 2016 is the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. The new pack will more than likely contain cards from the BREAK era since it’s in the title of the deck’s name, but wouldn’t it be cool if the pack instead contained reprints of Base Set cards for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary? Unfortunately, the packaging is probably as far as the nostalgia will go. But you never know!

The official site did not say what it will contain. Will it be reprinted Base Set cards or, more likely, modern cards released in the spirit of Base Set? All the official site says is “This is a product that revisits Base Set, the original set from 20 years ago.” So the mystery remains!