‘Break Evolution Box,’ Mega Swampert / Blaziken Pin Blister Images

Break Evolution BoxMega BlazikenPin BlisterMega Swampert Pin Blister

New images have been released for January’s products!

As posted previously, the BREAK Evolution Box will come with five booster packs, a PTCGO code card, and promos of Noctowl BREAK, Empoleon BREAK, and Beheeyem BREAK. Empoleon BREAK will also be included as a jumbo card. The package will cost $29.99.

As also posted previously, two blister packs featuring a pin of either Mega Blaziken or Mega Swampert will hit store shelves on January 4th. They will come with three booster packs of recent sets. Each blister pack will cost $14.99.

We are still waiting for product images of the Mega Aerodactyl-EX Premium Collection and the Aurorus-EX Box.