Aerodactyl and Aurorus Boxes in Some Stores Early!

What better to celebrate Jesus this holiday season than with resurrected Pokemon?

Mega Aerodactyl EX Premium Collection Mega Aerodactyl EX Premium Collection Back Aerodactyl EX Promo M Aerodactyl EX Promo Aerodactyl Spirit Link
[prod ebay=”Mega Aerodactyl EX Premium Collection” amazon=”Mega Aerodactyl EX Premium Collection”] [prod ebay=”Aerodactyl EX promo” amazon=”Aerodactyl EX promo”] [prod ebay=”M Aerodactyl EX promo” amazon=”M Aerodactyl EX promo”] [prod ebay=”Aerodactyl Spirit Link” amazon=”Aerodactyl Spirit Link”]
Aurorus EX Box Aurorus EX Box Back Aurorus EX Promo
[prod ebay=”Aurorus EX box” amazon=”Aurorus EX box”] [prod ebay=”Aurorus EX promo” amazon=”Aurorus EX promo”]

Some Target stores now have the “Mega Aerodactyl-EX Premium Collection” and the “Aurorus-EX Box” on their shelves, proving once again that “release dates” are now just “release by” dates. Both boxes will be released by January 20th.

The Aerodactyl box comes with holo promo cards of Aerodactyl-EX (XY97), M Aerodactyl-EX (XY98), a jumbo card of M Aerodactyl-EX, a non-holo Aerodactyl Spirit Link card (XY99), a Mega Aerodactyl pin, a Mega Aerodactyl coin, six booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. Thanks goes to @sbskins for those images above!

Aurorus’ box comes with a holo Aurorus-EX promo (XY102), a jumbo version of the same card, four booster packs, and a PTCGO code card. Thanks goes to @Flygonyoutube for its images above!